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loft conversions

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Loft conversions give your home the extra space you need like an extension. However the advantages of a loft conversion is that you don't lose garden space. You might only have a fairly small garden or just don't want to lose any garden space, in which case a loft conversion would be an ideal choice. There are different types of loft conversion to suit your needs and your budget.

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velux conversion

A velux window conversion is a lower cost than a dormer loft conversion as it does not increase the loft space. The loft is converted to the original loft space without adding a dormer projecting through the roof line. Velux windows can be installed to the front and the back of the property. It might not give you as much room as a dormer conversion but it would still give you a large bedroom and even an en-suite.

dormer conversion

A dormer loft conversion can be a larger flat roof or pitched roof dormer to the rear of the loft. Or it could be one of several smaller dormers to the roof line. The advantages of dormer loft conversion is it increases space the loft size and gives more head room as well as providing the opportunity for a larger room or multi rooms.

hip to gable

A hip to a gable conversion gains huge amounts of space to to the loft. Some properties will already have gable ends such as a terrace. Some semi-detached properties might only have one gable end, and a hip to gable would increase the loft space and be ideal to build.

Loft conversion do not normally need planning permission as most properties have permitted development rights allowing home owners to convert their loft. Some conversions will require planning permission and MAH Builders will take care of all planning permission if needed as well as carrying out all the work involved in the building regulations and structural calculations for you loft conversion.

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